Northern Star Border Collies

Border Collies in Alaska



          Hi, my name is Amanda, I have lived in Alaska for the past 17 years and have enjoyed every minute of it!! I love the Border Collie breed!! I have 3 of them now. My 3 girls.  I love the working bred dogs with their stamina and devotion to their owner. I strive to produce those qualities in the puppies I raise. I have just recently moved back to Alaska after spending almost 2 years in California! My dogs have learned that the love to herd!! Even mean ol' bucking bulls don't scare them! While my dogs are not "trained" to herd they will put animals where i want them.

This page is Under Construction at this point so the best way to find out puppy info is to email me at

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              Ak Dixieland AKA Dixie-lou



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